Welcome home. You were born for wonder and delight. This isn’t just an online shop, it’s a homecoming celebration… a reminder to follow your intrinsic desire to be a curious, childlike explorer. Feast in the beauty of the world around you, the wonders of the universe. There is much to be discovered and an abundance to celebrate. We hope that our products remind you to stop and take it all in, to breathe in the miracle of it all.

We are a playful, designer sock brand for sock lovers and dreamers alike. Our aim has always been to create socks that tell a story, taking wearers and viewers on a little adventure; or at least just be one reason for you to smile today. Joy socks is short for ‘feature’, because we’ve always loved socks that stand out as the feature of an outfit, or become a talking point for conversation. We hope that our socks do that for you.

We are excited about the fact that Joy Socks designs have grown in character as our customers’ tastes for wilder, happier socks have evolved. We hope to never take things too seriously (especially not our socks), but there are a few things we do: quality, comfort, customer service and local production.